I have been taking Herbal Supplements, Superfoods, and even some CBD. 

Why am I not feeling better?

Everyone wants the magic pill. Or one pill fixes all solutions to being healthy, young, loose weight or reverse nature in aging. Millions of Americans spend Billions of dollars on herbal supplements, vitamins, healthy drinks, and a whole bunch of healthy fix-it type products every year. Thinking if they spend more or take more they will get more results.  Lots of time the consumer will just say the health product is useless when the ignore the root causes of their problems


Consuming Superfoods, Herbal Supplements, Vitamins, Organic, Vegan, or whatever you want to call it really is not going to be your one size fits all answer to healthy living without looking at the entire picture of being healthy.  Now here comes Hemp Oil/CBD as the wonder of all solutions to health problems.

Do you eat well?  Exercise on regular bases?  Sleep well?  Stressed out?

Remember there are other factors involved that involve both what you eat or drink and when you eat or drink it. There are also other vital parts to the living healthy picture like regular sleep, reduced stress, and being in an atmosphere and around people that bring in a positive environment.

When it comes to taking herbal supplements, vitamins, super-foods, or hemp oil/CBD, It is important that you remember these are only tools when trying to fix or improve your health. There are many other issues you need to think about and they involve your mind and physical fitness.  Also your lifestyle and how consistent it is when trying to improve.

Take into consideration your sleep habits. Do you get regular sleep? And I mean a good peaceful sleep. If you want peaceful sleep don’t eat right before bed or drink a six-pack.

Also, consider your entire diet. Do not think you can eat well one day and the next day splurge on fast food. Fast food, saturated fats, and other processed foods stick in your body. It takes time to remove the impurities out of your body. Changing your diet and cleaning your digestive system takes time and it is not just eating you need to sweat those impurities out of your body entirely.

Physically Fit. I am passed my time to be physically fit but know I have to keep my body tuned up as best I can at my age. Do exercise. Move. This is vitally important for trying to be healthy and enhances your ability to improve when taking herbal supplements, superfoods, or any vitamins or healthy foods.  You need to keep your body flowing.

Finally, remember your mind is in the driver’s seat of your life. Keeping good mental health is important. Stress not good. Around bad people, Not Good. In a bad environment, find time to go to a peaceful natural place.

There is a lot more to being healthy than taking some wonder pill to cure-all. Going to the pain to gain is part of long term health so be ready for 2-4 weeks of feeling bad as your body changes and accepts a lifestyle change that is complete.

Wholesome Natural Super foods, Quality Herbal Supplements and Vitamins, Regular Sleep and Rest, Exercise, and placing yourself in a Peaceful Atmosphere.

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