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No Matter if you are Vaping or Smoking understand that you are putting smoke into your lungs.

The smoke is usually hot but with vapes, it can be cool and easy. When it is Hot, you can feel the burn so you limit yourself to how deep you inhale. When it is cool, you tend to take up more of the substance and even hold it longer. If it is sweet tasting and perfumery you might be inclined to repeat the inhaling process 10 or 30 times.  Especially if it was a cool feeling vape flavored type product.

Let’s Look at some of the latest headlines on Vaping

  • Vaping Illnesses Are Linked to Vitamin E Acetate, C.D.C. Says
  • Vaping Cases Linked to Vitamin E, Bootleg Cartridges?
  • Vitamin E acetate named as a possible culprit in vaping illness outbreak
  • Health Authorities Know What’s Potentially Causing Vaping-Related Deaths

There are many more all over the place and one says “Potentially Causing Vaping Related Deaths”. Other Says Possible. 

Be honest with yourself. Smoking of any oils is bad for your lungs. Smoking of any kind of plant material is bad for your lungs. But then add on flavorings, perfume ingredients, additives like vitamin E Acetate, coloring’s, or even Nicotine. You are looking for lots of health-related trouble.

Vaping or Smoking anything…Not Good for You!

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