In this guide we intend give you information that opens your mind when you go to decide what hemp oil or cbd products you will buy. Finding what works best for you individually.  There is a lot of debate on which method of consumption is the most effective, or which type products work the best, or what is the most safe and natural? But most important thing you need to know is only you need to find what works best for you?

When we say Hemp Oil we also mean CBD because Hemp Oil contains CBD with lots more important effective ingredients. It is important to learn clearly the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Oil and CBD Isolate. If you don’t you will either be missing out on some of the most important benefits of Hemp. Also wasting lots and time and money.


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There are three basic types to take under consideration. “CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, and Broad Spectrum CBD.  This is the first step in deciding how to take any product. You really want to make sure what you are getting and from there you can measure the effects and value.

If you have gotten this far and by now you don’t know the difference between Full Spectrum Hemp Oil or CBD Isolate, then I suggest you follow the link below to get a deeper knowledge about the differences. Start with our Guidance on Choosing Hemp Oil/CBD Products before thinking about how to use them.

choosing hemp oil cbd products
Diatomaceous Earth Powder Detox
Formulating, Blending, Quality Control Healthy Herbs

Remember Single-molecule CBD is different and is less effective than whole-plant hemp oil which not only contains CBD but a bunch of other good cannabinoids and terpenes.
Think of CBD Isolate as Vitamin C pills and Hemp oil as the fresh orange.  As yourself which one is healthier?  Of Course, the fresh orange with all its fiber and natural ingredients.  I encourage you to learn more about the entourage effect and when buying Hemp Oil products make sure they are truly full-spectrum hemp oils and not Isolate.

Four Questions you need to answer?

These questions need to be answered by you. Below is an outline of the choices you have but, in the end, you must find what fits for your needs, your condition, and what fits within your budget.  No one will be better to do that than yourself. 


What form you would take Hemp Oil?
Hemp Hearts

Edibles and Capsules are two of the most common ways people or taking Hemp Oil Products. Convenient & not leaving a bad taste in the mouth unless you pick a bad quality edible. Lots of Edibles are full of artificial flavors, coloring, preservatives, and who knows? But not all of them.

one-white-pill-on hand


Two Main Types of Capsules are Hard Shell and Soft Shelled. Hard shelled are commonly used for powder or pelleted ingredients. Soft Shelled or Soft Gel or used commonly used for oils or other active ingredients (CBD) blended with other types of oils like Hemp Seed Oil or MCT Coconut Oil.
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Two Main Types of Capsules are Hard Shell and Soft Shelled. Hard-shelled are commonly used for powder or pelleted ingredients. Soft Shelled or Soft Gel or used commonly used for oils or other active ingredients (CBD) blended with other types of oils like Hemp Seed Oil or MCT Coconut Oil.

Both pass through the digestive system first then absorbed passing through the liver. During this process, lots can be lost on the way into your system where it is needed the most. Enzymes in the liver reduce the concentration of the beneficial elements in Hemp Oil before moving on to the bloodstream. Not the most efficient way. Studies have been done that reported that only 6% of bioavailability was available when hemp oil was consumed orally through the digestives system.

Hemp hearts in heart shape


Edibles follow the same digestive process as capsules but there is so much more to think about. Ask yourself how many edibles have you seen in the market? Well, I have seen 1000’s myself. My meaning is knowing what is in those edibles is very difficult and finding the proper credible source for quality edibles is vitally important. How do you know you are getting a consistent dose?

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Edibles follow the same digestive process as capsules but there is so much more to think about. Ask yourself how many edibles have you seen in the market? Well, I have seen 1000’s myself. My meaning is knowing what is in those edibles is very difficult and finding the proper credible source for quality edibles is vitally important. How do you know you are getting a consistent dose? Unless you eat the same edible over and over with a reliable consistent dosage. And in cooking and preparing edibles that are tougher than doing in a capsule.

Other issues deal with what type of ingredients and how they will interact with the hemp oil or CBD. Think about it. If you put Hemp oil and or CBD Isolate into a big soda pop beverage with lots of caffeine or make a big giant chocolate chip cookie with CBD, How does all that sugar interact with the hemp oil? CBD? or you so high off caffeine and sugar you don’t even feel the effects of the hemp oil or CBD.

Many questions can be asked about edibles and you should make sure you find a company that can answer them when you need it. Meaning answer the phone and messages promptly. You will also want to know if the company has a sound foundation and registered as a legitimate business.


  • Tinctures

  • Pump Spray

  • Hemp Extract Concentrate

Hemp Oil Product category tincture
Hemp Plant
Hemp Oil Extract

Edibles and Capsules are two of the most common ways people or taking Hemp Oil Products. Convenient & not leaving a bad taste in the mouth unless you pick a bad quality edible.



Many of the Tinctures are available using carrier oils such as  MCT coconut oil or hemp seed oil.  Cannabinoids in hemp extract are fat soluble and blend well with these oils. These oils have their own health benefits and compliment the Hemp Oil and the combination allows the compound to effectively be processed through the body.

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Most tinctures are sold in a 1oz. or 2oz. bottle with a 1ml dropper allowing you to measure by either choosing how much of the dropper you will fill up. We will discuss dosage through tinctures later in this article.

Both tinctures and pump sprays are applied under the tongue and it is suggested to hold for 30 to 60 seconds or even longer to keep the hemp oil under the tongue as long as possible for the best absorption effect. Compared to digestion the sublingual method has higher bioavailability. Meaning more effective. The hemp oil is absorbed directly into the membranes reaching the bloodstream more directly and quickly. Hemp oil is not broken down and diluted by the digestive system and liver making it more efficient.

The problem with tinctures and sprays is you have to put up with the taste, but many companies will add in all types of wild flavors to cover up the taste. I myself love the natural taste.  But beware as many perfume flavorings are not natural or conflict with the potency of the hemp oil.

Hemp Oil Pump Spray

Pump Sprays

Pump Sprays are similar to tinctures, but you pump the top to get a spray effect. There you might push down on a top that will spray out a liquid blend of hemp oil, CBD, with some other ingredients. Again, beware of the other ingredients.


Pump spays sometimes can be hard to know the dosage if the bottle starts running low or there is a malfunction in the spray top. Sometimes it hard to tell if the spray straw really sucked up full sprays worth or lots of bubbles. Pick good quality products.  Pump Sprays aren’t usually under an aerosol pressure and are safe.

Hemp Oil Extract

Hemp Extract Concentrate

Hemp Concentrate Sublingual is usually undertaken when the consumer wants a strong dose for more severe health issues. This would be placed under the tongue in the same way as tinctures and pump sprays but would be a lot more potent. You would again try to hold it as long as you can and hopefully like natural earthy flavors otherwise it will not taste so pleasant.

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Concentrates with a good terpene profile actually can taste very good.  Concentrates under the tongue not only absorb through the membranes but slowly the oils will slowly dilute with your saliva and down your throat playing a beneficial role to your throat and esophagus and eventually your stomach.

Let there be a warning to watch out for when buying hemp concentrates. Make sure they are below .3THC. Unless you prefer it above but that opens up another legal issue to think about. DEA. You also need to consider the psychoactive effects you will have and if you can handle that.

Yes, the hemp plant is normally below .3thc as a plant but when you take a concentrated extract those percentages change tremendously. There is a big difference in dosages you need to consider depending on the Certificate of Analysis showing the cannabinoids content in detail.


person smoking hemp product
Hemp Oil product how to use Hemp Plant
smoke in the air

Out of all the ways to take Hemp Oil or CBD smoking is one of the most popular. It is effective very fast and the fast bioavailability is very high. Meaning the most efficient when delivering key compounds to your body. Within seconds to minutes, you will absorb the product to your bloodstream.

Hemp is either smoked by using the whole flower, smoking the extract concentrate, or smoking the concentrate in a Vape (electronic Cigarette).

The problem with Smoking as we all already know,
“Smoking of anything is bad for our Health”.
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The problem with Smoking as we all already know, “Smoking of anything is bad for our Health”. Sure, there are some benefits, but the hot smoke damage and impurities will scar the throat and lungs. Also, damage the lungs’ ability to process oxygen of course leading to heart or throat issues. Don’t think this is somehow different than cigarettes because there is no addictive nicotine.

When deciding to smoke just balance the pluses or minuses. If you are smoking a little bit every day and inhaling a few times. That is different than smoking 5 joints and 1 pack of cigarettes.  Also, you can choose a smoking method that does not create such hot smoke which the heat alone is very bad for your cardiovascular system.

Don’t hotbox it. Meaning try to not let the smoke get so hot. For vapes, Beware of the CBD isolate made into some kind of vape juice. Look at the ingredients closely.

Person smoking vape

Electronic Cigarettes “Vapes


Don’t smoke tinctures blended with hemp seed oil or MCT oil or any oils. And BEWARE of vapes blended with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin that companies have added for consistency when smoking and to dilute the product to make more money. Real bad stuff for your lungs.

When propylene glycol is heated up, it becomes a type of chemical that produces formaldehyde, a carcinogen, as a byproduct. Look it up. Bad.  Avoid Vape products that contain polyethylene glycol (another thinning agent) flavoring agents as these are very toxic and should never be inhaled.

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When Smoking, inhaling small puffs more times will be more effective than trying to inhale one big puff and hold for a long time. Also using vapes or methods that don’t waste the hemp oil/CBD and allow it to enter your body without burning off into thin air.

Hemp Oil or CBD is not a one size fixes all solution it is an additional tool in being healthy and it is important that you make several lifestyle changes to achieve your health goals. Possibly trying it a few ways would be a good approach if you like smoking.

Smoking Hemp Flowers

Smoking Hemp Flowers is a large wide topic you will need to do in-depth research. We do not do any business in that area but can make some recommendations on what to watch out for.

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  1. Learn, Ask Others, Research there are many varieties and quality out there
  2. Follow all laws in whatever city, county, state, or country you are in or crossing the border to.
  3. Consider that getting the same variety of flower or the potency of the flower will be tuff. The supply only lasts so long.
  4. Gagging the dosage will be tough. But it is advisable always to start slowly.
  5. Question the source of where it was grown and to confirm there has been a proper test for herbicides and pesticides.
  6. Only purchase in legitimate legal business selling flower products and don’t buy online because it is illegal.
How to use Hemp Oil Products-smoke

Smoking Hemp Concentrate “Dabbing”

Hemp Concentrate on smoking is popular and sold to smoke in vape pens.  Sold as a 100% Concentrate. Check your ingredients.  We don’t do any business in these areas so we suggest you also do in-depth research before deciding if this is a way that is best in taking hemp concentrate.

Concentrates or Dabs come in many forms. Thick oils, like rock candy, or find oily granular powder. They can be golden honey colors to dark motor oil consistencies. Some smell sweet and flowery rich and others bland and or sour.

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You are going to get a lot stronger reaction then smoking flower as the smoke will be a thick dose of smoke with more oil content. It also can be easily wasted with burn off that is not inhaled.

You want to follow all of the same points we made about flowers but in addition, you need to see the Certificate of Analysis of the showing the cannabinoid content and make sure it is below .3thc. I say this twice below.

Let there be a warning when buying hemp concentrates for smoking. Make sure they are below .3THC. Possibly you prefer it above .3THC but that opens up another legal issue to think about like the DEA. You also need to consider the psychoactive effects you will have and if you can handle that. Treat as serious as drinking or driving. Don’t do it.


Hemp Oil Product how to use- cream

There are many viable reasons why you should consider hemp oil topical for your skin.  Hemp Oil/CBD is very receptive to absorbing the benefits through the skin into the body. The poor act as a good doorway to make that happen.


Muscle & Joint Topicals

When using hemp oil or CBD for muscle and joint pain you will need to make sure you have a very strong blend of ingredients.  A Full-spectrum hemp oil product is going to be a lot more effective than a product that is full of CBD isolate.  The full spectrum product will have lots of other great elements that work synergistically to ease your problems.


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Hemp Extract compared to CBD Isolate as both CBD and many other cannabinoids & terpenes. Those in coordination with CBD play a combined roll in being more effective than isolate itself.

When Applying Muscle and Joint Hemp Oil Products it is important to massage in the affected area for 10 to 15 minutes and even longer. Applying the oil externally will take longer to absorb but it good because you are applying it directly to the affected area and can last longer.


Skin Care Topicals

When using hemp oil/ CBD topical s for skincare issues you need to consider all of the ingredients.  They can also affect your skin and possibly the combination of ingredients can react negatively to your body.  There are only so many ingredients a lotion, salve, or balm can have to be effective. Sometimes to many additional ingredients will make the natural hemp oil counter react.  Especially perfume fragrances, thickeners, and alcohol ingredients.

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Using hemp oil as a skincare product is very beneficial when there is a complete profile of phytochemicals, the plants’ original naturally occurring macro-nutrients, terpenes, and flavonoids. Blended with something like hemp seed oil which is full of wonderful ingredients such as Omega-6, Omega-3, Super Omega-3s (SDA), and Super Omega-6s (GLA).

Just use good quality apply for a few days to a week and observe the results.

Using hemp oil for both skincare or muscle and joint health issues is perfect as it is easily be carried around in small containers and applied on the go.


Hemp Oil Product how to use- other hemp leaf
Hemp Oil Extract
Hemp Oil Product how to use-patch

This steps into the niche market for hemp oil products. They have become popular because they are highly bioavailable (very effective) for their individual purposes and have a whole realm of uses. They also take deeper specialty research because they each are individually applied.

They are more complicated in their daily use and require specific niche research into their uses and better recommended and directed by a professional physician or health expert in that niche area of health care.

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For example, using the hemp oil suppository can show effects less than 15 minutes after consumption with the effects lasting for almost 8 hours. Exceeding all other methods of consuming hemp oil for the duration of effectiveness.

We suggest you take the same precautions as you do with buying any hemp/CBD product and again ask the same questions.


Efficiency: (Bio-availability) 

The degree and rate at which a Hemp Oil/CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream to the area where needed.

Time to Effect:

How long it takes to feel some reaction from the different ways of taking Hemp Oil/CBD

Lasting Effect:

How long will the effects last while consuming hemp oil/CBD
  • You are going to have to do your homework and have many things you need to consider. But the most important goal is to find out what products balance your health needs and makes you comfortable consuming. You will need to take it regularly to be effective. 
  • Smoking Hemp Oil/CBD is the fastest and most direct way but it does not last compared to taking sublingually.
  • Taking it sublingually, you will have to accept the earthy taste and hold it under your tongue as long as possible without swallowing (30 to 60 seconds at least). I like to hold it longer. 
  • Taking capsules or edibles seems to be the easiest, but the effects take longer to feel and you might lose some of the good stuff through the digestive process. 
  • Each person will be different, and it is the first most important that you are comfortable so you will take hemp oil/CBD. Your habits and history will play a big roll in how you react to Hemp Oil/CBD. 

Below is a quick comparison of the differences for each type of consumption method.

Consumption Methods Efficiency Time to Effect Lasting Effect
Oral: Capsules & Edibles Lowest 30-90 Minutes 4- 6 Hours
Sublingual: Tinctures & Sprays Lower to Mid 10-30 Minutes 3- 5 Hours
Smoking: Vape, Flowers, Concentrates Mid to Best 1-3 Minutes 2-3 Hours
Topicals: Lotions, Balms, Patches Lower 30-90 Minutes 4-6 Hours
Suppositories: Best 10-15 Minutes 6-8 Hours

There are many other factors that affect the Bioavailability of a Hemp Oil/CBD product. Don’t think you can go out and drink up a storm of alcohol, eat a whole box of chocolate chip cookies, even smoke a pack of cigarettes and have the same effect. 

The time of day, what is in your stomach, physical activity, stress, and more can alter reactions & duration of Hemp Oil/CBD effects very easily.


Some Tips on Helping Increase Results


Person Exercising Yoga Naturally Healthy Mind, Body, and Soul

Hemp Oil/CBD blended with fats enhance the absorption. But we recommend healthy fats such as healthy oils like Hemp Seed Oil, MCT Coconut Oil, even Chocolate.  Tinctures that are already blended with these types of oils are a plus a convenient

You also can try taking products on an empty stomach, after a workout, or if you are taking it for sleep, right before you go to bed. Also, be aware of what else you are putting into your body. For example, if you have just taken your dose and then go out and eat a supersize fast food meal from McDonald’s with 3-24oz free refills of soda, this most likely will kill off any healthy peace you might be seeking.

Is Taking More Better?

lady studying and thinking

Not necessarily. Sometimes to much can have a counteractive effect and other times it will take several days to over a week to start seeing effects depending on what you are taking it for. Excessive consumption might exacerbate the problems you’re trying to alleviate. Observe carefully.

Hemp Oil product how to use Hemp Plant

By now hopefully you know how you want to take hemp oil. Orally, sublingualy, topically, or smoking. Or your thinking to experiment with a few different methods until you find what you like and decide. It will also be important that you gage and observe your usage to understand what is working nor not. 

Before figuring out how much you should take you need to understand the strength of each product and about what type of Hemp Oil or CBD it is. This leads us back to the basics of the different types of products there are. CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Extracts, Broad Spectrum, or even flowers to smoke.

Look closely at the company you are buying from and make sure they are credible, they are there to answer your questions, and they offer a Certificate of Analysis of exactly what type of Hemp Oil or CBD Isolate they have. Meaning what is the Cannabinoid and Terpene makeup? Lots of Homework but it is worth it. 

" "

There are numerous varieties of Hemp and many methods of extraction which can change the makeup of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Even how it is grown, the maturity when harvested, hemp can result in different combinations of cannabinoids and terpenes.  

Most feel Co2 Extraction is still the best method of extraction of Hemp but operated by an experienced botanical chemical engineer.  Some Co2 extracts are not as good as others as many new producers are processing Co2 extracts with no experience. They get oils coming out at the end of the process, but they did not capture lots of the good stuff and lost it during the process. It is like having the fastest race car in the world which is not really so fast when you don’t know how to drive it.


For example, this variety has a profile of;


Now compare that to some of the other products you are looking at. Many don’t even have that many different types of cannabinoids and maybe only CBD Isolate and no terpenes. 

It will be almost impossible to do a side by side comparison when taking the same amount of mg per dose. It is like comparing apples to oranges. You can’t.


Whats this number “# mg?”  Concentration on the Label

Don’t be fooled about Hemp Oil & CBD per mg Concentration and Dosage on the Labels.

Hemp Oil Labeling
Hemp Oil MAZA300mg safety proof packaging
Maybe you are aksing, “Whats do those numbers mean on the label?”

Concentration or strength is to the total amount of Hemp Oil or CBD Isolate in the product. Strength is measured in milligrams (mg). 1000mg equals 1gram.

Dosage is the amount of Hemp Oil or CBD per serving. For example; a tincture on the bottle says it contains 360 mg and contains 30 milliliters (ml).1 ml is the serving size.  360mg /30=12mg

This means each 1-ml serving will contain approximately 12 mg of Hemp Oil. Approximate or minimum.

With a product that is giving you 12mg of true full-spectrum hemp oil can be more effective than a comparable product that says 250,0000mg per unit and 8333mg per 1ml serving.

Hemp Oil 250000mg Hemp Extract


8333mg per 1ml serving

This is a big difference, but it all boils down to the variety of the hemp, the quality of the hemp oil, and the manufactures credibility.

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over 69% of 85 products tested and surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or Hemp Oil on the product label. Some had no CBD or Hemp Oil at all.

Take a look at this product on Amazon to the left. It states on the label that it has 250,000mg in 1 fl oz. bottle and that there are 30 1-ml Servings.  That comes out to 8333mg per Serving.  WOW.  And by the way, it is $14. BEWARE !!!!

Hemp Oil for addressing health issues is a personalized decision. How much depends on your needs based on your body’s physical make up and the problems you are trying to address. 

There is no one ratio or variety that is perfect for everyone or every situation.  The best way to optimize your use of hemp oil is finding the proper consumption method, best company that suppliers a consistent quality product, and the dosage that works for you.


·     Speak to your Doctor ·     Body Weight
·     Potency & Product Quality  ·     Age
·     Type of Health Issues ·     Your Lifestyle

        (Drinker, Smoker…?)

·     Time of Day ·     Empty or Full Stomach

Lot’s of Considerations & Variables that go into deciding how much to take and when to take it.

We always recommend you speak with your doctor first for advice for the appropriate dosage amount. Part of the problem is majority of doctors can not recommend hemp or CBD products and are not educated in their benefits. If you do find a doctor that does have experience, follow their recommendations but by all means do your own research and educate yourself.

Standard Dosages and the Discovery Phase when finding what works for you

Standard Dosage

  • Start with a small dose of CBD and increase slowly until you reach your desired effect. Your ideal dosage of CBD depends on a lot of factors, like your body weight, body chemistry, the condition you’re treating, and the concentration of CBD in the product you’re using.
  • ·As a rule of thumb, up to 25mg twice a day has been shown acceptable for many people. For smaller people, as little as 5-10mg per day may be enough. Starting low and working your way up to this type of dosage could be a great way to start.
  • If your doctor doesn’t provide a recommendation, it’s best to start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase it. This could mean starting with 20 to 40 mg a day. After a week, increase this amount by 5 mg. Continue this until you feel that it’s effectively treating your health goals. 
Full Spectrum Hemp Flower

Considerations when taking Hemp Oil or CBD?

Everyone’s physical makeup is different and how hemp oil interacts with each person is different.

Find the Dose that works best for your health Goals. 


contact us for guidance

Can I build up Tolerance to Hemp Oil or CBD?

Hemp Oil & CBD consumers can develop tolerance from regular dosage.

You will need to carefully observe yourself and after a month to three months if you are not getting the same reaction as before you might need to step it up a little bit to achieve the same results.

Hemp Oil 250000mg Hemp Extract

How to calculate Hemp Oil & CBD dosage in Edible?

Edibles or capsules are easy when calculating the dosage. The label on the package should say how many mg of hemp oil or CBD per single serving or per capsule. For example, gummy bears are usually 5mg per gummy bear.  If your goal is 10mg you would eat two. But be careful as your desire for sweets might have you consume 20 without knowing it giving you a whopping 100mg serving before you realize it.

1.0ml pipette

1 ml dropper = approximately 20 drops

How to calculate Hemp Oil & CBD dosage in Tincture?

If the Tincture method is your choice for consumption you will be measuring through a dropper.  Understand the size of the dropper (usually 1ml) and how many drops that equate to.  One drop is about 0.05 milliliters (mL). So that would mean 1ml is about 20 drops.

If the bottle says it has 360mg per 1fl oz. This means it is about 30ml in that one bottle. This would be 12mg per 1ml and .6mg per drop.

Oh My, counting drops of oil is tough in those little droppers. A big drop, small drop, or suddenly it all comes out in a big squirt.

We like to recommend when measuring to go with ¼ dropper, ½ dropper, ¾ or even full dropper. Just figure out how many mg per 1ml and then divide. If it is 12mg per dropper and your goal is a microdose of 6mg then take half a dropper.

Person smoking vape

How to calculate Hemp Oil & CBD dosage when Smoking?

Now, this can be a lot tougher than the tinctures or edibles. First, you need to understand how you are smoking it. If it flowers this is very difficult if not impossible if you are not testing the flowers themselves.

If you are using a vape pen you can measure the total amount in the pen and then as you are puffing judge how much of extract has been used. Some good suppliers will have details on how many “estimated” mg per puff. But does that mean big puff, small puff or?




HEMP OIL is very safe, but it can have reactions with many common pharmaceuticals when taking high dosages of CBD itself. Hemp Oil can also help with side effects while and improve a consumer’s quality of life. There are many safe brands out there but fake and low-quality hemp oil or CBD can be dangerous as you really don’t know what other harmful ingredients are in them. Like the recent vape health issues, consumers are having. It is not the vape pens so much but the ingredients in them.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)Trusted Source found that 52 consumers had bad reactions to certain CBD products in Utah alone but it turns out most of them using products that included synthetic CBD with no information about the manufacture or customer service contacts for questions.

There have not been any reports or complaints about known side effects of Hemp Oil or CBD except for a few rare reports that may include diarrhea, appetite changes, and fatigue.


Hemp Oil & CBD is non-toxic with very few side effects that are all non-threatening.

Science, the FDA, or the medical industry has not established any lethal does for hemp oil or CBD. Even high doses of 1500mg a day have been tolerated by consumers. A report by the National Cancer Institute –of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) – stated that overdosing on CBD is impossible, and the same is true of THC and marijuana.

We will repeat again with any natural supplement it is important to discuss these issues with your doctors as they are you will know best about yourself.


A report by the National Cancer Institute –of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) –states cannabinoids are much less addictive than other drugs, including prescription medications. When considering chemistry, you can not get addicted to Hemp oil or CBD like opiates, cocaine, alcohol, and other related substances. It also does not have withdrawal-type symptoms if you stop taking it. Science is finding It actually can help with withdrawal from opiates. Great news America. We have a big problem with Opiates.

With that being said, there is a psychological addiction. For example, any person can get addicted mentally to music, exercise, sex, and food.


With the reemergence of Hemp Oil and CBD as a health supplement over the past 5 years. We are seeking medical experts, cannabis experts, and scientists to discover new benefits we never imagined. There is tons of information on the internet and even more reliable information on Pubmed.gov. “ NCIB” US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. Here you will find tons of articles and white papers regarding Hemp Oil, CBD, and Cannabis.

With the legalization of Cannabis in many states, it is easier for consumers to reach out and find experienced people in the industry who have been interacting with customers and learning about their specific experience taking hemp oil or CBD Isolates.

We stress again the most important thing you can do is always consult your primary physician, do your research, and ask questions from any of the potential brands you are considering buying.

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