Preferred hemp oil/cbd Products for Seniors

Most Seniors prefer taking hemp oil or CBD by drops under the tongue, but also will add it beverages or edibles.

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Silk Road Botanicals offers various Natural Health Support Products for Seniors

Misunderstanding of Hemp Oil and Marijuana or Hemp Oil and CBD.

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Many seniors have not heard yet of Hemp Oil or CBD let alone every touched or smoked marijuana.  They have become very lost in the process of learning feeling it is illegal, hippie like, or going to give people the impression they are a drug user.

 While good information is finally making it not the mainstream there again, we are still in the pioneer years of the universe of health solutions Hemp Oil and CBD can bring.


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Your primary doctor knows your health very good and most likely you have a trusting relationship with them. They will know what medications you are taking now and be able to best advice you if Hemp Oil or CBD will give you reactions while taking certain other medicines.

We cover all the basics on buying and using Hemp Oil/CBD. Learn More by clicking in Buyers Guide and after that read Users Guide.

We also recommend you research the science side of hemp oil and CBD at which is the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health or “NCBI”.

What else is better then listen to other senior’s experience with Hemp Oil and find out the truth. Go to a Seniors Blog, bring it up in your senior social groups, and talk with friends.

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Consider your health situation and why you are considering hemp oil.  Because everyone else is doing it or general wellness or you have some other vital severe health issue you are dealing with.

Did you just get out of surgery, have some life-threatening illness, a drinker, smoker, or overweight?

Think about your health situation and are you taking it for wellness or a severe health issue. Learn about the different types and ways to take Hemp oil and CBD. There are some products that are very potent and others that are like common vitamins. Read our Hemp Buying Guide. To learn more.

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over 69% of 85 products tested and surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or Hemp Oil on the product label. Some had no CBD or Hemp Oil at all.

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Hemp Oil is actually a simple product. It should not break your bank and definitely is cheaper than proscriptions even with the Medicare break. CBD processing can cost more to manufacture.  The ranges of product pricing can be $20 to $70 for the same type of product with the same value.

This is important to mention here because as many Seniors are not computer savvy or work a smartphone.  Buy from a company that you can first call and ask questions. Get to know them and trust them.

The company offering the Hemp Oil or CBD product should be able to offer information by mail or over the phone to help you make the best decision.

If you travel, make sure you know the laws of each state or country you are going to when carrying Hemp Oil and CBD Products.  Federally it is 100% legal if it is derived from Hemp under .3%THC but some states legally it is either banned or a lot of grey area. So do your research.

Work with companies that are familiar with serving the needs of Seniors. Offering price breaks, Special Offers, and follow up news and information to better improve your health and financial situation.   Avoid companies that just want to sell and disappear.





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