Most common hemp oil & cbd Products for PETS

Most Pets owners prefer giving Hemp Oil or CBD to their pets by adding it to their food or treats. Diluted and Absorbing through the Digestion System
Applying tincture oils under the tongue is more effective and efficient. Absorbing directly to the Blood Stream
Canna-Pet- Full Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pets 300mg Pain
Pet Care Hemp Oil Extract and Essential Mineral Powder blend capsule with pet food
Home made cooking shaped like bone and paws for dogs
PET-Hemp-Oil-Herbal-Essential-Oil-Blend Salve-0.75oz-opened-container
Silk Road Botanicals offers a range of healthy choices for your 4 legged loved ones. 

The Big Misunderstanding between Hemp Oil and Marijuana or CBD?

Hemp Oil Extract

Many people still have not heard yet of Hemp Oil or CBD let alone ever touched or smoked marijuana. They have become very lost in the process of learning feeling it is illegal, hippie-like, or going to give people the impression they are a drug user. How can they imagine giving something like that to their pets?

While good reliable results and information are finally making it into the mainstream, we are still in the pioneer years of the health solutions Hemp Oil and CBD can bring not only to us but our Pets.


What is CBD Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

Hemp (Cannabis) plants contain 80 different cannabinoids.

CBD(cannabidiol, the medicinal component), is one of the components which is found in cannabis plant not found in marijuana hybrids. THC(delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive component, which gives marijuana its psychoactive properties ) is another one. When more components are used together, it has more entourage effect.

Hemp Oil is a liquid derived from the Hemp Plant (stalks, flowers, and leaves) not from marijuana hybrid plants, so it contains less or no THC.

Benefits of CBD Hemp Oil for your Pets

An endocannabinoid system that humans, dogs, and cats have allows the active components in CBD Hemp Oil to support the body’s health to help it relieve symptoms like; Anxiety, Stress, Pain (Inflammations, Arthritis, Joints, & Muscle), and Seizures.

Consult your veterinarian first and take his advice.

Your primary veterinarian knows your pets’ health the best and most likely you have a trusting relationship with them. They will know what medications your pet is taking now and be able to best advise you. It is important to have proper guidance when your pet is taking other medications and avoid any undesirable reactions.


Learn, Read, Research yourself and hear different medical opinions

We cover all the basics of buying and using Hemp Oil/CBD.  Learn More by clicking Buyers Guide and after that read Users Guide. 

We also recommend you research the science side of hemp oil and CBD at which is the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health or “NCBI”(National Center of Biotechnology Information).

Listen to other Pets Owners experience with CBD & Hemp Oil

What else is better than listen to other pets owner’s independent experiences with Hemp Oil and find out the truth. Follow a pet blog, talk to your neighbors, bring it up at the park, pet social groups, and fellow animal lovers. Do your research without being fed to much marketing hype.

two-dogs-plating-beach-CBD & Dog Anxiety Relief
Consider your Pets Health Status

Many Questions?

Consider your pet’s health situation and why you are considering hemp oil? Because everyone else is doing it? Is it for the general health maintenance or your pet is having some other severe health issue that needs vital attention?

Did your dog or car just get out of surgery, have some life-threatening illness, allergies, or just overweight?

Dosage Guideline for Pets

Always first seek the advice of your Veterinarian.

Consider the size/weight of your pet and the seriousness of the health condition. Start from Low dosage like one -five drops of CBD Hemp Oil depending on the weight and monitor the reaction. Try that for a few days to a week and if there is no response or improvement, increase the dosage. If there is an overreaction then decrease the dose.

We provide dosage Guidelines with each Pet CBD Hemp Oil tincture order and any other company should as well. Even more important we are available for questions by phone, chat, and email.

Choosing the Right Product

Think about your pet’s health situation and the reason why you are giving it to your pets. Serious pain/ anxiety wellness….?.

Applying CBD Hemp Oil under pets tongue is the most effective way to give Hemp Oil to your Pets but it is not easy. It can get messy with all that slobber or dangerous with a snappy dog. 

Understand what the mg per dosage and if it is a CBD Isolate or Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. Your pet will react differently between the two choices. 

Considering other ways?… Learn More about the different types and ways to give Hemp oil and CBD. Edibles are good but a couple of small treats sometimes turn into many treats and product is wasted and costly. 

Depending on the situation may be both under the tongue and edibles are good. Edibles if made with good all-natural ingredients can deliver the benefits of Hemp Oil or CBD directly to the digestive system where the problem may be lies. 

Also, check the labels of products. It is better to choose the products “ORGANIC”. Most important is due to your diligence and check the company out you are considering buying from. Call them and make sure they are legit and ready to answer your many questions or provide a Certificate of Analysis on the quality of their Hemp Oil and CBD. 

Watch out for Fake Products

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over 69% of 85 products tested and surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or Hemp Oil on the product label. Some had no CBD or Hemp Oil at all!

Research the company you are considering buying from.

  1. Visit the producers’ website, make sure they have an address and different ways of contacting them.  Do they have a social media presence?
  2. Read the reviews but more importantly make sure they are real reviews.
  3. Call up the company to make sure they are easy to reach and ask many questions.
  4. Ask them to provide the Certificate of Analysis for the quantity of mg of CBD and Hemp Oil.
  5. How many years in business and their background.
  6. Are they the grower, processor, and delivering directly to the consumer or just another private label company selling a watered-down CBD isolate.
  7. Make sure the producer stands by their product and even offering money-back guarantees.
Consider the Cost and Overpriced Over Hyped Branded Cost

Hemp Oil is a very simple product. It should not break your bank and definitely should be beneficial for your health. Don’t get sold on expensive overhyped marketing.

  • When it comes to choosing the CBD Hemp Oil products, choose the one shares “Analysis” that shows the amount of CBD and THC. 
  • Do not “Price Shop” but Do not overpay for branded or “Fake products”.
  • For Example, some companies sell ONLY Hemp Seed Oil, which contains ZERO CBD but they are tricky selling as CBD Oil.
  • Check Ingredients on the label. 
  • The ranges of product pricing can be $20 to $70 for the same type of product with the same value. 
Does the Manufacturer Offer Good Customer Service, Order By Phone, Guarantee?

First, make sure you buy from a company that you can call and ask questions. Easy to contact by text, social media, chat, or email. Get to know them and trust them.

Look at the producer’s history, how many years in business, experience in Hemp Oil and CBD and knowledge about the market.

They should be able to answer any of your questions and respond quickly.

They should also be ready to stand by and guarantee their product and make things easy when you are not satisfied and want to return the product.

Traveling with Hemp Oil or CBD. “Make sure it is .3% THC and below”

If you travel, make sure you know the laws of each state or country you are going when carrying Hemp Oil and CBD Products.

Federally it is 100% legal if it is derived from Hemp under .3%THC but if above some states it is either banned and you can get into a bit of trouble. So do your research.

Most important make sure the supplier is truly selling you a legal .3% or lower product.

Buy from Companies that Offer Memberships or Discounts

There are so many new companies entering the CBD market every day. Family-owned, Garage producers, big corporations, and even CVS. 

  • Buy with companies that are familiar with serving your needs and reasonably priced especially if you are a repeat customer. 
  • Companies should be offering their repeat customers price breaks through Special Offers, Memberships, or compassionate care programs for those in need. Not overbranded expensive marketing ploys. 
  • It is also important that you part of a company that keeps up with the latest news about the Hemp Oil and CBD market. 
  • Avoid companies that just want to sell and disappear as a quick trick online oversell. 

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