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We Cultivate, Produce, & Deliver Hemp Oil & Botanical Extracts

From Seed to Field,  Processing, Directly to You! 

Our mission is to deliver effective high quality natural healthy solutions at low cost to people to improve their health and lifestyle.

Giving a premium choice to consumers when seeking alternative natural healthy lifestyle methods.




Silk Road Grows their own Hemp

In 2011 Silk Road Botanicals was founded with a focus on organic high-tech agriculture, extraction of healthy herbs, and superfoods that gave our bodies a naturally healthy choice to modern-day problems. The company also invested heavily in traditionally bred high-end vegetables, herbs, and forage products grown organically. 

In 2014 we continued our investment in the cultivation, extraction, and processing of healthy herb products and began breeding for full-spectrum hemp varieties. In 2014 the Company started producing its own line of botanical extracts and retail products. 

In 2016 have expanded our natural healthy product lines to include many new superfoods, pet products, and skincare and continue to sell those products directly to our consumers