Looking for the Panacea “Elixir of Life”?

“Panakeia” the Greek Goddess of Universal Remedy.

Everyone wants the magic pill. Or one pill fixes all solutions to being healthy, young, loose weight or reverse nature in aging. Millions of Americans spend Billions of dollars on herbal supplements, vitamins, healthy drinks, and a whole bunch of healthy fix-it type products every year. Thinking if they spend more or take more they will get more results.  Lots of time the consumer will just say the health product is useless when they ignore the root causes of their problems


“In Greek mythology, Panacea (Greek Πανάκεια, Panakeia) was a goddess of Universal remedy.

Panacea was said to have a poultice or potion with which she healed the sick. This brought about the concept of the panacea in medicine, a substance meant to cure all diseases.”

I am sorry but there is no Panacea one size fits all cure for anything. Big Pharma is constantly coming up with some new pill to cure some new problems only to create new side effects problems that are sometimes worse. 

Finding your Panacea of life involves lots more than you think and taking a well-rounded approach to being healthy is your best opportunity. Look at utilizing a combination of tools to achieve the best results and succeeding without breaking your piggy bank. Look at all the above.

Free Health Solutions

Exercise, meditation, diets, and religion are generally free. You can pay for guidance, but the power of your mind is under your control and last time I check prayer and meditation or free. Cutting back on foods through a diet not only is free but it saves money.

Superfoods, herbal supplements, medicinal botanicals, especially CBD and Hemp Oil can get expensive. Planning and implementing a healthy change will be important as there is no one “Panacea Cure All” guaranteed remedy.

Superfoods, Herbal Supplements, Botanicals, CBD & Hemp Oil

Superfoods or power foods. Many claims they improve our health can be appealing.  Food with special abilities and somehow by itself will change our lives by losing weight or healing disease.

Science has not yet found a regulated definition of a superfood, but most would have you believe they offer special nutrients that prevent disease and promote other health benefits. In truth, the word superfood can be misleading in giving normal wholesome foods a bad reputation.

Herbal supplements, botanicals, & now CBD & Hemp Oil all share a similar situation as Super Foods. Consumers are expecting to take a simple convenient health product and find the perfect Panacea.

Be Real! There is no “Cure-All” Panacea

Be real and look at the entire problem and big picture of what you are trying to achieve in your life. Of course, for most of us that are making money. It takes good health to make money and when you do finally make money, you must live long enough to enjoy it.

Don’t expect one product to solve your mental or physical problem. Take a look at making a combination of changes at the same time using some of the natural tools I mentioned above to assist and promote a path to a healthier lifestyle and in turn a body that can assist in solving serious health problems.

Take the Combo Approach to Optimize your Health

Peace of Mind Solutions is Free

Not a Super-Size Combo Meal. Look at a combination of things, like changing your sleep, giving up eating so late, or taking a regular daily walk in the park. Take some time to meditate in a peaceful atmosphere or go to church and pray. Get some mental peace of mind. These solutions are free.

Superfoods and Simple Wholesome Foods

Put in your plan some change in your diet. Super-Foods sound like they are expensive specialty products but keep mind wholesome foods is even more important. Meaning more natural and not processed or packaged fast foods. Foods simple as brown rice, wild rice, fresh carrots, celery, apple cider vinegar, and ginger are a few examples. Those are superfoods by themselves.

Eating Habits?

Think about when you eat? How much do you eat or what you eat when? The body processes foods differently at different times of the day. A well-rounded meal also plays an important role. Yes, a good piece of meat with vegetables and potatoes is good but have some soup and yogurt and tea after to help with digestion.

The Super Supplements

Herbal Supplements, Botanicals, CBD & Hemp Oil all claim to support good health, and many make claims of finding the fountain of youth and healing. Taking these types of products does have benefits but understanding what type of products, who is producing it, their credibility, and quality assurance is a lot of work and time.

Someone can sell you anything called the “Cure All Panacea” but it is a must to know what you are taking. For example, what would be considered a botanical medicine could come in the form of plant parts that are not only herbs or flower extracts but come from tree bark, seeds, roots, and stems. Some products being better than others or not having any benefits at all.

As with superfoods wholesome foods you need to consider when to take supplements, how much to take, and in combination with what? If you expect to get the full effects of taking hemp oil at the same time of drinking a 12 pack of beer and eating a box of Doritos I can promise you are not going to get the best results no matter what they are.

Our Combo Approach

Peace of Mind, Super Wholesome Food, Herbal Supplement, Medicinal Botanical

Changing your lifestyle with a regular pattern of good sleep and peace of mind and eating super wholesome foods will greatly enhance your chances for healthy success. Taking of herbal and botanical supplements will act as an enhancer in supporting a process to optimizing your health as well as build your immune system to fighting off the bad.

However, you serve up your combo the most important is to seek products that are truly natural and wholesome as possible. For example, vitamin C pills over having a fresh-squeezed orange juice, or CBD Isolate over a good full-spectrum hemp extract or whole grain bread with no preservatives over the white toast with low salt and low-fat butter.

Remember timing is everything and having a consistent pattern of optimizing your health with the above tools is key. How and when you consume a health product is just as important. Taking sublingual supplements on an empty stomach is going to be more effective than an edible CBD product on a full stomach. Taking herbal and botanical supplements are absorbed faster and more directly into the bloodstream under the tongue then mixed in with all the other food and drinks competing through your digestive system.

There is No Panacea Cure-All Remedy!  Each person must find their balance between peace of mind, exercise, superfood consumption, and supplements that enhance and optimize our health.   Each person will process and react differently based on numerous factors so we encourage you to put in the hard work, give it time and not expect instant results, and look at the big picture of a combination of tools you can use to becoming healthy and healing.

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