Silk Road Botanicals has developed discount programs for our members in appreciation of being part of our companies success. We offer a rewards program called “Gratitude” for points and referrals.  We also have established auto renew subscriptions making ordering easier for our customers with Discounts.  Anyone who becomes a member of our company vision is special to us receiving not only discounts but access to  special sales, information, and always free delivery. 

We make it easy. Just Sign Up, Fill out our simple non-intrusive form and you will instantly get an email with a code to use for your membership 20% and up Discount Code and start receiving all the other benefits of your Membership. 

Of course, Pets are Included! Click Here PET’S Membership Program

We also offer Senior Discount, Critically Sick Discount, & Veterans & Public Service Discount.



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Join Now! No Membership Fee! Get Points & Redeem!

We are in great appreciation of our loyal customers who have made our vision at Silk Road Botanical a reality. The growth of our company has been the strongest because of returning customers and their referrals to others. 

Being a member provides you the benefits!  Earn Loyalty Reward Points for your next purchases. Get more points by referring family, friends, or anyone you know to Silk Road Botanical. Receiving SRB newsletters, sale or discount event notifications, Easy check out, easy access to past orders, and browsing history of products.

Membership Benefits

Reward and Referral Points System

Earn Loyalty Reward Points Discounts for purchases and referring family, friends, or anyone you know to Silk Road Botanical.

Get rewarded for purchases for referring family members, friends, and anyone you know to Silk Road Botanicals.

Earn points through referrals through shares on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & or by email with ease of a click.

Redeem the points that you earned for your future purchase.

Much More!

Receiving SRB newsletters, Sale or Discount notification, Easy checkout. Easy access to past orders and browsed history of products.


Priority Order by Phone Service

How does it Work?

Simply click “Sign Up Now” below and fill out the Form.

  • You will be sent a welcome email so you can know you were signed up successfully
  • You will use your email and create a password for yourself and get access to your Silk Road Membership Account where you can see your points and manage your information. This account also helps you for easy check out when you place the orders.
  • There you will be able to see what products you bought in the past, change your password or update your information, and manage all aspects of your membership.
  • Once signed on to your membership account click on the rewards box on the left side of the screen and you will see your rewards management box pop up.
  • There you can Earn, Refer, and Claim your points.  You also can see your history of what points you used, your lifetime points, and view your profile.
  • You can access Social Share and email referral

Rewards Discount Membership Program Earn Points page

Rewards Discount Membership Refer Friend page

All your information is protected by our privacy policy

No Spam Policy, No RoboCall Policy.

How to Join?

Everyone who becomes a member is signed up for the rewards program.

How to sign up? 

There are three ways to sign up. 

  1. Just click the “Sign Up” button to the left and you don’t need to purchase anything to become a member
  2. Check the box “Become a member” on the check out page when you are making the purchase.
  3. Click on the Rewards Tab on the left hand side on any page of the website (as the image you see below).There a box will pop up and you will be able to sign in there.

Sign up form for loyalty reward programLoyalty Rewards Tag to sign in



No Membership Fee!  Auto Ship Subscription with Discount!

Silk Road Botanicals understand that living a busy life and dealing with the many issues that come along dairy is stressful. We strive to make your life less stressful  for our members and returning customers by offering “SUBSCRIPTION PROGRAM”

“Subscription Program”  will send you our products on regular bases upon your request, so that you get your hemp oil/CBD on hand all the time without having to remember. Not only receiving our products on a regular basis but also we offer you a DISCOUNT on the subscription program. You can cancel & skip a shipment if you would like to.

Auto Renew Benefits
  • Receive your product delivered weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or every three months. You just tell us when.
  • Receive an additional 5% Discount off your membership discounts for auto-renew.
  • Easy Auto-pay with pre-notification reminders that we will charge your account.
  • Cancel anytime


How Can I sign up?

Sign Up:

  1. The easiest way to sign up is to click on the “Sign Up Here” Button to your left and fill out the form.  Let us know:
  2. What product or products you are subscribing to?
  3. How often you want it sent.
    How long of a subscription you want. Ongoing until canceled, 6-month subscription, 12 months, or multi-year?
  4. You will then get a confirmation email and we will contact you about auto withdrawal payments. You will get a phone call from us to make arrangements.

All your personal financial information will be protected by the bank and encrypted for security.


Policies & Security

Auto-ship Discount Subscriptions Policies,


Always 2-3 days free delivery

Cancel anytime

We notify you 48 hours before charging your bank giving you time to cancel that order or the subscription.

If you received the unwanted or unneeded product you can take advantage of our money-back guarantee for a return


  • All your personal information is kept private. See our privacy policy
  • All your financial information is encrypted and secure by the bank and card processing companies.
  • Our website and marketplace have life McAfee “Trusted Site” Security monitoring for your protection.




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Join Now! No Membership Fee! Instant Enrollment!

We appreciate every one of our members and offer great lifetime membership benefits. Sign up for a 20% membership discount always  & notification for sales and clearances.

Receive our newsletter on tips for staying healthy and how to use our products as well as the latest news. And more…!

Oh…! Of course, we appreciate pets members as well. Pets can join and receive the same benefits as humans do. Please CLICK HERE to learn about “PET DISCOUNT MEMBERSHIP”   woof woof!


SRB Discount Members Program

You get 20% OFF on All Regular Priced Items / ALL ORDERS. 

No expiration dates.  No membership fees.  No limit for usage of the code.

You will receive the “Welcome” email with coupon code. Just apply that coupon code each time when you place the orders.

EXTRA additional 10% off on Selected Sale & Discounted Items.

You will also receive SRB Newsletters, Sale & Discount event notifications, and more!

Priority Order by Phone Service


*You may enroll in the “Loyalty Rewards Points Membership” as well to earn more points and redeem the points towards your future purchase.

**You may not sign up for “Veterans, Public Service Discount Membership Program”, “Critically Ill, Addicted, Disable Discount Membership Program” or “Silk Road Botanicals Discount Membership Program” if you had signed up for “Senior Discount Membership Program”

If you are enrolled in the “Subscription Program”, you will receive an extra 10% discount on top of the membership price.  You will still take advantage of “FREE SHIPPING” for U.S. delivery.

How to Sign Up?

How to Sign Up:

Click on the “Sign Up Here” Button to your left and fill out the form 

Once your application has been processed, you will then get a confirmation email with a Coupon Code with your standard 20% Discount on all products (excluding SALE & DISCOUNTED items) on all orders.  Please apply the coupon code each time when you check out. You will begin to receive special member discounts notifications, newsletters, and more.

  • Some exclusions may apply to this “Discount Membership Program”
  •  All your information is protected by our privacy policy
  • No Spam Policy, No RoboCall Policy. 
Membership Policies
  • Cannot combine other promotions, discounts, or limited-time offerings.
  • Memberships Discounts are to be used only for yourself or immediate family members (spouse, children, & siblings) or caregivers.
  • You may not sign up for this membership if you already have signed up for “Senior Membership Program”, “Law enforcement, Firefighter, Rescue,& Veterans Membership Program” or “Disable, Natural disaster victims, & Drug addiction Membership Program”
  • Some exclusions may apply to this “Discount Membership Program”

SRB Discount Membership Program Sign Up