With the BOOM in people taking Hemp Oil, CBD, Medical Marijuana, and many other cannabis products for Health Benefits, 1000’s of companies and twice as many products have been appeared out of nowhere. All within a short time.

Navigating through the hurricane of information has become a difficult task. There are many legitimate companies with effective quality products but many more of that are not and selling fake or inferior hemp oil/CBD products.

In this Guide, we hope to assist you in making the process easier for you when choosing the right effective hemp oil/CBD products and getting the best value for your money and avoid getting ripped off.


First ask yourself “Why do I  want to take CBD or Hemp Oil?”

COCO Full Spectrum Hemp Oil products

Are you considering taking Hemp Oil or CBD because of the hype in the news or you truly seeking a natural way to live a healthier life? The news is Hemp Oil and CBD can do everything for your health but this is not true.

When trying to be healthy, consider everything else you are doing in your life. Such as taking on too much stress, not exercising, drinking too much alcohol or eating habits. Sometimes this is the best place to start.

There is a lot of companies selling CBD or Hemp Oil as a cure for all without considering other lifestyle issues that are affecting their health.  The reality is that there is no cure for everything and the path for healthy living is taking a wholesome approach that involves many aspects.

Diet, Exercise, Sleep, and Peace. Regardless CBD or Hemp Oil has become a good simple tool to have in your toolbox of options for a start. I am not trying to talk you out of it, but I hope you will approach taking Hemp Oil/CBD in a way that is most effective in improving your health but also look at a bigger picture of living a healthy lifestyle.

One thing you can not ignore is Hemp Oil/CBD is working for millions of people and improved their health, in turn, improved their lifestyle. This is true.


Know the differences between Hemp Extract Oil, CBD Isolate, Hemp Seed Oil, & a lot more in between. 

    1. What is CBD Isolate?

    2. What is Full Spectrum Hemp Oil?

    3. Oh no, Here come Broad Spectrum confusing things more!

CBD is the catchphrase that is most popular, but we are also hearing about hemp oil, Or Rich Hemp Oil, Full Spectrum CBD, or Broad Spectrum, and so many more. They all have CBD in them if its true hemp oil.  If you see or hear of a product that says Full Spectrum CBD, “Be Aware”. 


Hemp Plant

CBD Isolate:

A single-molecule substance which has been extracted from hemp or other types of plants within the cannabis family.  CBD has been isolated from all the other cannabinoids (including THC) and compounds (Terpenes, plant parts, waxes, etc.)  The final form is a powdery white yellowish sometimes granular substance.

Full-spectrum Hemp Oil:

A botanical extract that been extracted from the hemp plant and includes hemp’s naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Different Hemp varieties have different combinations of cannabinoids including THC such as CBD, CBDV, THCV, CBC, CBG, CBN, CBGA, CBDA, THCA-A to name a few.  When most people hear hemp oil they don’t realize that Hemp Oil contains CBD in its more natural and pure form.

Each variety of hemp contains different combinations of Cannabinoids producing different results so that means not all true full-spectrum products are the same. Experts are talking about the “Entourage Effect”, which means how those cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds work together synergistic to deliver the best health benefits and potent effects.

Broad Spectrum CBD. 

A full spectrum type of hemp extract with the THC removed and a whole lot of other good compounds gone in the process.

Hemp Oil product how to use Hemp Plant

Everyone is promoting “CBD” “CBD” “CBD”, but more and more consumers are hearing about whole plant full-spectrum hemp oil and how it is more effective then single-molecule CBD Isolate.

There has been lots of off the shelf 3rd party independent test done leading hemp-derived CBD products that claim full-spectrum CBD hemp oil or rich hemp oil. Lab test on many of those tests revealed only one molecule “CBD”.

Science is finding a Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is the best compared to CBD isolate or Broad Spectrum. CBD only leaves you with just that only CBD and you miss out on other benefits.  Broad Spectrum CBD or Hemp Oil with the THC removed is just Full Spectrum Hemp Oil that has lost lots of beneficial compounds while in the process of removing the THC.

Meaning those products were made with only CBD Isolate then the more effective whole plant true full-spectrum hemp extracts.


Tinctures, Edibles, Vapes, Salves, Capsules, Chewing Gum, Gummies, Patches, Tampons, Suppositories, & More.

Hemp Oil Extract
Natural Herb blend sleep support capsules
Hemp Oil Infused Hemp Hearts package SilkRoad Botanicals
smoke in the air
Pet CARE Paw Protection Herbal Oil Blend Balm

Too many Choices!  Do I get the same results for each type of product?

Regardless of what product you choose, think again why are you taking CBD or Hemp Oil?

Consider how you might consume it to be the most effective and economical.  Is eating one big bag of sweet chewy bubblegum flavor CBD Gummies truly going to solve all your health problems? NO! But it will break your piggy-bank.

Educate yourself by reading valid unbiased news and information that is not trying to sell you some hype snake oil. Also, listen to how it is working on others’ lives. There are lots of amazing stories out there and new ones come every day.

We also recommend you research the science side of hemp oil and CBD at which is the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health or “NCBI”. This gets very technical but it is real with lots of scientific white papers and reports.

Straight Hemp Extract

“Potent concentrate extract form of the plant”

If it is the true full spectrum variety it could contain more THC then is allowed by Law and especially according to the DEA. Yikes! Making them illegal to ship across state lines and usually only sold in states that have passed cannabis recreational or medical cannabis laws.

Read More....

To be more specific the borderline for Hemp is below 0.3% THC.  THC is the substance that has a psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. This is what makes marijuana illegal in most countries around the world. Hemp should be below 0.3%THC and why it is legal in many states and countries.

Many consumers turn to straight concentrated hemp extracts because of the potency and stronger effects dealing with severe health issues.  We suggest you first always speak with your doctor regarding your health issues and only purchase hemp extracts from companies you trust and where it is sold legally.

“Beware” of carrying products across state lines or international borders as laws now are very confusing with many grey areas in interpretation. Did you hear about the grandmother who got in trouble at Disneyland for a product labeled CBD?

Make sure there are credible certificates of analysis that the extract not only has the amount cannabinoids (CBD, CBDV, CBG, CBN, etc.). It says it has, but it has a microbiology test for negative molds & yeast as well as a test for other contaminants such as solvent residues or heavy metals.


Tinctures seem to be the most common way for consumers to take Hemp Oil/CBD.  It is fast and effective by taking under the tongue and easy to use. This allows the beneficial substances to enter the bloodstream more direct than digestible or other products that are taken externally (like salves, lotions, or patches).

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Some people can complain about the natural earthy flavor but who said something healthy should take like bubble gum, flowery, fruity, or minty flavor. There are many products pumped up with flavorings.  ‘Be aware” these flavorings are additional additives that can be unhealthy and affect the performance of the naturally occurring hemp oil properties.

Another good reason people like Tinctures is their easy to carry around, have a measured dose, add to food or drink, or even use it as a massage oil on the go.


Capsules have also been popular but Tinctures seem to be preferred by most consumers. Capsules deliver the ingredients directly to your body but need to be digested which is not as effective as under the tongue.

Capsules you won’t have the unpleasant flavor experience but you might have a burp up after taste. The question should be, how strong will the effects be or how long will it last?

Read More....

When consuming capsules,  consider if you are taking capsules on an empty stomach or after you ate with a full stomach. In addition, consider what you ate as some foods or drinks can coat the stomach blocking absorption of the hemp oil/CBD beneficial properties.

Capsules are also great as they can be carried around very easily and taken as a daily dose with other vitamins or health supplements you are taking.

Capsules can also be better than tinctures when trying to address digestive or intestine health issues.

In addition, capsules have a measured dosage consistently with good quality products.

Topicals; Salve, Lotions, Balms

Great for massage oils.  Good for applying as needed when problems arise on your skin, joints, muscles, or even as a natural repellent to mosquitoes. Most will massage in for 5-10 minutes or apply throughout the day.

Topical type products usually come in small 1oz to 3oz packaging easy to carry around and use on the go. Some are liquid like oil, some are in the form of butter or others like a creamy lotion.

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Look at the ingredients. There are many good products out there that take other pure botanical extracts and natural ingredients to create a really powerful natural topical solution. Some others are full of perfume, coloring, chemicals or cheap oils and ingredients.


There are all types of edibles. Candy, Baked Goods, Trail Bars, Chips, Mints, and Beverages of all types. This to me is one of the most segments of the hemp oil/CBD market consumers need to be careful with. We are not saying edibles are bad but there are many other issues to consider when taking them and their effects.

When taking edibles, it could be in the form of candy, cookie, drink, and snacks of all types. This means they contain other ingredients that might or might not be beneficial or ingredients that are harmful like artificial flavorings or colors.

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If the edible products require heavy processing or cooking, then that means the CBD or Hemp oil ingredients can be compromised in the process. High heat when cooking or chemical reaction with other ingredients.

Another consideration is how effective will it be through your digestive system as hemp oil/CBD fights with other ingredients when being absorbed through your stomach and intestines. If you had just finished eating a big dinner, drank a few bottles of beer or glasses of wine, then have a hemp oil/CBD edible as a dessert snack, I doubt you are getting the full effect of the product.

One good thing about edibles is usually they taste good and any smell or natural harsh hemp flavors have been diluted to nothing.

Vape it or Smoke it.

Lately, we are all hearing in the news about the Vape problems people are having, especially for young teenagers. With teenagers or any child, I suggest their parents get them under control and make sure they have proper guidance. There is to much junk out there and protecting a Child should be number one for everyone.

I think we all know that anytime you smoke anything that is going to be harmful to your health, especially the lungs. But when you start smoking flavorings this does not sound so natural. It is the hot smoke that is very bad but when you add substances like flavorings, coloring’s, or any perfume ingredients that are going to be even worse for your lungs.

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Many Hemp Oils or CBD for Vape products have been processed with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for consistency to smoke well. Some people are smoking tincture oils blended with hemp seed oil or MCT coconut oil. Not Good. Look it up.

Smoking straight extracted hemp oil that is Co2 extracted would be your best option if smoking is your choice but know your product. If it is other types of extraction be sure there are no other additives and or residual solvents from the extraction process and a certified certificate of analysis you can rely on.

Pet Products, Feminine Products, Repositories, Patches

Pet Products, Feminine Products, Repositories, Patches all follow the same thinking. Know the company you are buying from, the ingredients, and be educated.

Each have their benefits and downside.


Consider the source of the CBD or Hemp Oil!

Where and who grew the Hemp that makeup Hemp Oil/CBD?

Is it Outsourced or a Contract Private Label Product?
Industrial Hemp Farm

You always hear things like, “grown in Colorado or grown in the U.S.A.”  but there is so much more to think about when knowing where the hemp or cannabis plants are grown. Just because they are from the USA or Colorado does not mean they are exempt from some of the quality standards consumers should demand. Nor does it give the manufacture rights to declare their products somehow better.

No matter where the raw material is grown, be aware of how they grow it. Does the manufacture grow his own raw material or if they do, use organic cultivation standards or “GAP” General Agriculture Practices?

Manufacturers who buy hemp raw material from outside sources don’t have control over one of the most important steps in producing high-quality CBD and Hemp Oil.  Possibly one day they buy from one grower producing a true full-spectrum hemp variety and then this growers supply runs out. This leads the manufacture to source from a different grower.

This leads to several problems with consistency in the cannabinoids content of the hemp, unable to assure organic and GAP growing standards are met. Most important would be differences in the variety which in return will reflect in the final product you are buying. Sometimes it works sometimes it does not. That’s because the raw material is not the same but what they are selling you is the same.

Example Tennessee Hemp:

In Tennessee, there has been a big movement to grow hemp as a replacement crop for Tobacco.  Now do a little research and you will find that growing tobacco is a very intensive crop that demands many inorganic chemicals and other agriculture inputs such as fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides.  The soil has been tainted and negatively impacted.

Example: Colorado Hemp:

I am sure there are some great companies producing great products, but all hemp varieties are not the same. Some have little CBD in and none or a little bit of the other good cannabinoids and terpenes not giving you the benefits of true full-spectrum hemp oil.  Some of these varieties do not produce good yields. The whole process is over-regulated and taxed. Therefore, making it very expensive to the end-user =You end up paying a lot!

Example Greenhouse Hemp:

Lots of growers produce in Greenhouses under artificial light, artificial soil, made from clones, and receive a regular injection of fertilizers or other agriculture chemicals to pump up growth unnaturally. They adjust the lighting to get the plants to mature faster and all other types of technical tricks to maximize their profits. The problem with that is it really is not natural. No sunlight, high power formulated water and forced maturity by controlled lights. Not the way nature is supposed to happen. Also growing indoors is very expensive which makes end-users end up paying for it.

What is Contract Private Label CBD?

And Why Does it Matter?

Contract Private Label is when a big manufacturing company produces a product in mass volume and then allows other companies to put their name on it and distribute it as their own brand.

What does this mean? This means that the same product is being sold through many companies but all of them put a different label on it. It is the same packaging and ingredients but the only difference is the label and the company behind it.

It also means that you possibly are overpaying for branding and losing quality. This approach is also misleading in a way you have possibly many middle companies or people between the companies that you are purchasing from, their distributor, then the manufacture, who then buys some CBD isolate from many suppliers. Never knowing where the Hemp raw materials were grown.

There are all types of problems with Private Label. Look for companies that grow, process, and deliver directly to their customers and even more important can answer the phone and your messages promptly.



Read and Compare Labels & Call Ask Questions?

More important… “Make Sure It is Real!”

Call the Company Directly. 

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Hemp Oil 250000mg Hemp Extract
Hemp Oil Extract Supplement Facts label

A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over 69% of 85 products tested and surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or Hemp Oil on the product label. Some had no CBD or Hemp Oil at all.

Take a quick look at Amazon for CBD products. Well, you won’t find them saying CBD on their label. You can find some that say CBD but those are the fly by night companies and Amazon will eventually kick them off. That is Amazon’s policy for now.

There is a hush-hush going on Amazon and policy has sellers call it hemp oil. But look at the labels. Some say 1000 mg in 1 oz. bottle. Some say 5000mg and as I write this article, look again, I see one that says “250,000 mg per 1 oz”.  WOW!!!!. And it only costs $14 USD.  “BEWARE!”

So, What Does This Mean? Obviously, it does not mean much except “BEWARE!”

If you truly think about and be detail when comparing other products. You will find this company says 250,000 mg of Hemp Extract per 1fl oz (30 1ml servings).  So, if you were to take their daily recommended dose of 1ml that means you are getting 8333 mg of hemp extract per serving.

“WOW! Again!” when most dosage recommendations are about 20mg per day or even less for most common health issues.  “8333 mg per dose, That’s a lot”. So obviously for that Amazon product, the hemp extract is either not as strong or it is false advertising. I would say in my opinion, at $14 a bottle it is fake hemp extract and really hemp seed oil.

You Can not Fairly Compare Hemp Oil/CBD Products by the # of mg on the Label. 

To be honest you can not compare products by how many mg of hemp extract or CBD is in each bottle by the label. You can consider it but the true fact is how effective the product will be and that depends on the company and their ability to grow a high-quality hemp variety that consistent.

Mistakes Consumers make by not Reading Labeling.
  • Not knowing of all the Ingredients and the good or not so good benefits.  For example. Artificial flavorings, coloring, or even harmful residue solvents from the extraction process.
  • Misuse of the word ‘Full Spectrum’ when it is only CBD isolate and or a broad spectrum hemp extract that has no, or little cannabinoids or terpenes make up “ask manufacture for COA”
  • “Hemp Infused” Well this could mean many things which open up the door to lots of questions. Like what part of the hemp plant? Seed, Stalk, leaves, flower. These all make a difference as each part has its own benefits or none at all. Hemp Seed or hemp seed oil has no cannabinoids let alone CBD.
  • Hemp or CBD Cures Everything Hype.! Well, this is wrong as FDA has frequently intervened to stop the company from making health claims that hemp or CBD will cure or treat diseases. Sure, hemp has many benefits but far from saying it is a cure-all or treats everything.
Other things to look at on labels are; Production dates, Other Ingredients, and Contact Information. Read More.....

Your best bet when comparing labels is to call and have the company’s customer service supply a Certificate of Analysis and explain their process. Even better try companies that have a money-back guarantee so if the product does not work you can get your money back.

Many hemp-derived CBD or hemp oil products are not only mislabeled but contain false advertisements and claims. Recently a study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that over 69% of 85 products tested and surveyed had an incorrect amount of CBD and/or THC on the product label. Some had no CBD or Hemp Oil at all.

Know how hemp oil/ CBD is Processed

Understand the manufacturing processes of the Hemp Oil/CBD

  • Co2 Extraction

  • Solvent Extraction

  • Steam Distillation

Hemp Oil Extract

By Now you should now know the different types of Hemp Oil/CBD Extract are out there but you should also know the different types of processing technologies there are and confirm it with the company you are considering buying from.

  • CBD Isolate, Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil “All Contain CBD “ if the Hemp Oil is real and the company is credible.
  • Co2 Extraction continues to be one of the most common because it is the safest, cleanest, and produces quality Extracts.
CBD Hemp Oil In house and third party testing


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction

CO2 extraction uses a super-critical carbon dioxide process to separate the hemp oil from the plant material. The process involves highly pressurized chambers and high-tech pumps to expose raw material with Co2 with high temperatures and low temperatures. Resulting in an extract of oil containing high amounts of Cannabinoids (CBD, CBDV, CBN, CBG, Etc.), Terpenes, and plant waxes. Cleanest Extraction Technology. 

Pros & Cons


  • Cleanest technology with no solvent or chemical residue.
  • Extremely safe and efficient
  • Gets the best parts extracted from the hemp plant


  • Equipment is very expensive
  • need an educated experience engineer to process to good quality extract

Steam Distillation

Steam distillation uses steam that causes the hemp oil to separate from the plant. This involves different glass flask with the raw material inside and an inlet and outlet where the steam can flow.  This includes other glass flask connected and slowly oils are steamed and distilled out leaving a concentrated oil.

Pros & Cons


  • Not that expensive to operate
  • Simple Process
  • No toxic Residues


  • Quality of oil not consistent or strong
  • Takes lots of raw material to produce oil making it expensive
  •  High temperature can damage Oil

Solvent Extraction (Natural Solvents & Hydrocarbons)

Solvent extraction is similar to steam distillation. It uses different types of solvent than water when separating hemp oil from the plant.  The result is oil mixed with solvent and hemp oil and then the solvent is evaporated out leaving only the hemp oil. There are different types of solvents. Hydrocarbons or Natural Solvents.

Certain solvents used in hydrocarbon extraction such as petroleum, butane, or propane create issues to be concerned about. The residue solvents can leave can be toxic and increase cancer risk if they aren’t fully evaporated and gone.

Natural solvents are also used such as olive oil or ethanol which remove the risk of toxic residues in the hemp extract. The problem with natural solvents like ethanol is chlorophyll may be extracted. This effects taste and bitter flavor as natural solvents don’t evaporate well. Finally in this process, the potency of the hemp extract contains a lower concentration of cannabinoids than it would with other extraction processes.

Pros & Cons


  • Very efficient and Inexpensive
  • Consistent concentration


  • Toxic Solvent residue
  •  Presence of chlorophyll affecting taste and odor
  •   Lower concentration of Cannabinoids and Terpenes

When buying hemp oil products, make sure to always check which extraction process the manufacture uses. Manufacturers that use CO2 extraction is using a more expensive process but delivering higher-quality if they know how to operate the Co2 Equipment properly.

Other Hemp products using other extraction processes can also be safe and good quality but there is much more risk.  Especially unnatural toxic solvents. Steam distillation and natural solvents are lower risks but produce inconsistent hemp oil which affects the final potency per mg.

Look at the 3rd party COA. Certificate of Analysis. 

It is great that a company has in house testing but that should always be confirmed by a third-party testing company that has credibility.

Certification of Analysis

know the company you are buying from

Look at the history of the company you are considering buying from but more important make someone is there to answer your phone and messages promptly. 

A person holding smart phone to make a call

Are you buying from a Retail or Wholesale Distributor?


Buying Direct from a Company that is the Grower, Manufacture, and Distributes directly to consumers? Seed to Sale Companies

Research deep into the companies you are buying from. Call them and ask questions. Such as “Do you grow your own raw materials?” or ” Are your other ingredients sourced from the reliable producer?”

If they are buying CBD Isolate on the open market how can they be assured they will get consistent CBD and then deliver that to consumers.

If it is Hemp Oil Extract and they are buying from several different suppliers, how can they make sure the full spectrum of hemp oil is going to be the same for each bottle. All varieties and extractions processes produce different results.

Each variety of Hemp is different and has different purposes. There is hemp for edible or oilseed, hemp for industrial fiber use, and hemp for making hemp extract or CBD isolate. Some varieties are stronger or weaker and have different cannabinoids makeup.

We recommend that you buy from companies that grow, process, and produce their own products.

Also, we recommend that you look at their history in the business and if they have been in the industry for more then 3-5 years. There are several benefits when buying from companies with history, experience, and do everything in the house.

What to watch out for in a Company?
  1. Companies are in the best position to deliver consistent quality and potency because they grow and process their own varieties in large volumes and not dependent on unstable suppliers of raw materials.
  2. Companies cultivate and produce large volumes lowering their cost.
  3. If they are selling direct to the consumer, they usually charge less then buying through distributors or private label companies.
  4. Buy from companies can offer better customer service and ready to answer most questions because they understand their products from start to finish.
  5. Look at the Experience. The years in business, resources they have in house, and their overall business presence in the natural health industry bring authority and credibility.


Buy from Companies that offer Excellent Customer Service.

100% Guarantee Their Products and Just Make Things Easy

True CBD Hemp Oil Discount Memberships

8 Points to Remember about Customer Service & Which Companies to Buy From 

  1. Buy from companies that answer the phone or return your calls and messages within 24 hours for any reason

  2. Companies that offer multiple easy ways to contact them. Phone, Email, Chat, Social Media

  3. Most important Companies that 100% Guarantee their product and even better have a strong 60 to 90-day money back Guarantee with no question asked or tricky return terms

  4. Buy from a company that is transparent and offers a Certificate of Analysis on request and there to explain what it means

  5. Companies that care that you easily contact them to ask questions and able to answer your questions. If they are they point you in the right direction to answer those questions.

  6. FREE DELIVERY. Of course, simple easy no hidden fees or last-minute charges or adding above the USPS standard fees for profit. Offering Tracking & Confirmation. 

  7. Privacy Policy and No Spam Scam email sign-ups that end up in never-ending Junk Mail and Robot Calls.  That doesn’t sell your personal information. 

  8. Buy from companies that Don’t break your Bank and are Fair and  Reasonably Priced. Now a days Hemp Oil/CBD should not cost so much.